Weekly Photo Challenge – Treasure

They’re loving, responsible, good disciplinarian and very Godfearing people..they’re my parents.  Not just a treasure but MY MOST PRECIOUS TREASURE.  They have taken care of me from conception to birth, when I was growing up (and growing old haha.  Well, I still live with my parents because it so happen that among their 3 kids, I am the one left single (and happy, and have no plans, not in my mind getting married Ü).  It’s not an easy thing being parents.  Yet I could say that they’ve excellently done their “job” so well.  And I am here, very much willing, to look after them in their old age.  It’s my turn to give back all the cares they’ve done for me.  I love them so much, I owe my life to these two lovely couple and I am forever thankful to God for giving me a set of wonderful parents.



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  1. They both have such lovely smiles. You can’t help but smile in return. And I agree with you; loving and caring parents are a great treasure and the very best of foundations.

  2. Thank you Mightwar. My father smiles easily when he’s in front of the camera. While mother, sometimes, I have to tell a joke and when she smiles, I have to be quick to press the shutter button 🙂 I am so blessed having them as my parents.

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